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I always recommend choosing your own doctor. If you do not have an attorney, you should make sure to research the different doctors that you’re considering in the medical network. That way, you’ll be sure to get a doctor that is 1) a good doctor, and 2) a doctor that you’ll be comfortable with.

What Information Is Safe To Share With My Doctor After An Injury? Is Everything I Say In My Medical Records Accessible By The Insurance Company?

When asked about prior injuries or accidents, it’s important to provide all the information the doctor asks for concerning your medical history and prior injuries and accidents. Just because you had a previous injury, even if it was to the same body part, that won’t prevent you from receiving workers’ compensation benefits. You can actually hurt your case more by omitting or not providing pertinent information to your doctors. If you’re not asked about something, you don’t necessarily have to provide the information. However, it is important to provide all of the information that your doctor requests from you.

What Are Common Reasons Workers’ Comp Claims Are Denied Or Disputed?

Common reasons that workers’ compensation claims are denied or disputed include: 1) you didn’t file your claim on time; 2) you were not an employee of the employer; 3) You filed your claim after you were terminated or no longer working for the employer. These are the main reasons that your claim may be denied.

Will My Medical History Be Used Against Me In A Workers’ Compensation Claim? What About Preexisting Conditions?

Your medical history won’t necessarily be used against you. However, it will be considered when deciding whether a particular condition or injury is work-related and how much compensation you’re entitled to get for the injury. For example, if you get into a car accident and report a work injury two days later, they will say that your injuries were caused by the car accident and unrelated to your work.

In regard to preexisting conditions, whether it’s an injury that occurred in the past to the same body part or a medical condition, the biggest impact it will have on your workers’ compensation claim is the amount of compensation you receive for your injuries at the end of your case. One of the things that doctors have to consider is the percentage of your injury that is work-related. If a doctor says that 80% of your injury is work-related, the compensation you’re entitled to get from your injury would be reduced by the 20% the doctor feels is not work-related.

How Can Recorded Statements Be Used Against Someone?

A recorded statement can be used against someone to contest what their actual injuries. For instance, when someone is injured, they often tend to only report where they’re feeling the most pain. Sometimes, they can’t really tell where the pain is coming from. In other instances, you may not develop pain or injuries until days or weeks after the accident. And so, they will try to get a statement from you as soon as possible. That is how a recording can be used against you.

Another way that a recorded statement can be used against you is when you describe how the injury occurred. When you first give the recording, you may unintentionally leave out some parts if something just slipped your mind. When you remember it later on, they will try to use the recording to say that you added the information because it makes your claim stronger.

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