Estate Planning

Estate Planning involves making preparations for after you pass away. Most people thing of a will and a trust when they hear estate plan. It also includes an healthcare directive that tells your loved the medical decisions you would like them to make if you are unable to make the decisions. It may also include a financial power of attorney. 

The Scott Law Firm will evaluate your situation to recommend and prepare the best estate plan for you.



A conservatorship allows you to make decisions for a loved one who is unable to make financial and healthcare decisions. You must file a Petition with the court to apply for a conservatorship. There will be hearing for a judge to decide whether a conservatorship is necessary and if you should be the conservator.

Parents of a special needs adult or special needs child that will soon be an adult may obtain a limited conservatorship to be able legally assist their adult child with issues dealing with education, social security, etc.

You may also obtain a conservatorship for a family member with Alzheimer, dementia, or some other medical condition that prevents them from making financial and medical decisions.

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