The Scott Law Firm can assist you with your family law issues. We offer Flat Fees on all family law cases so you there are now unexpected expenses.  


The Scott Law Firm represents clients in uncontested and contested divorces. We also can serve as a mediator to assist married couples in reaching an agreement.

  • Uncontested Divorce: This is when you and your spouse agree on all the issues. The Scott Law Firm will prepare the settlement agreement and all the other necessary paperwork to finalize your divorce. A simple divorce costs $3,500, which includes all attorney fees, court filing fees, and other costs.


  • Mediation: A married couple would choose our mediation services to assist in resolving issues without the cost of litigation. Mr. Scott brings the parties together for sessions at his office were he meets with them individually and together to discuss the issues and the various ways to resolve them. Once an agreement is reached, Mr. Scott prepares the settlement agreement and court paperwork.


  • Contested Divorce: This is when the you or your spouse file a Petition for Dissolution with the court because you cannot resolve all your issues. The Scott Law Firm will aggressively represent you to achieve the best outcome under the circumstances. We handle everything from the beginning through resolution.

Child Custody/Visitation

We help with obtaining an initial custody order or modifying an existing one. If an order is in place we will provide an evaluation on whether your situation qualifies for a modification.

Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is used to protect your assets from California's community property laws.

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