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Some of the things that are helpful to an attorney when building a strong workers’ compensation case include seeking medical care even if your employer doesn’t send you to a doctor. At the very list mention to a doctor areas you have pain or the stress you are having at work. Medical records are a big part of determining how strong your case is and what injuries you’re able to receive a recovery for. Therefore, when we get medical records, I go through them carefully to see if there are any conditions that developed or were made worse after their work injury that could potentially result in compensation. A lot of people don’t know that you can receive compensation for hypertension or diabetes when it becomes worse after a work injury or if you’re working in a stressful job. If you were to have a stroke or heart attack, you could be entitled to compensation and medical treatments for those injuries through workers’ compensation.

Therefore, the biggest things that determine a strong case are medical treatment, medical records, and the opinions of doctors. This is what ultimately determines the type of settlement you obtain. As far as your current treatment, it’s important to make sure that you see doctors that are going to evaluate you without any biases towards the employer. It’s important to remember that if you are injured and the employer accepts your claim, you are entitled to choose a doctor. You don’t have to go to the doctor they send you to. You just have to go to a doctor that’s in their medical network. Getting the right doctor can make a difference in whether you have a strong case for the injuries that you’ve sustained at work.

How Long Do You Have To File A Workers’ Comp Claim After An Injury In The State Of California?

Without the help of an attorney, knowing how long you have to file a workers’ comp claim can be very confusing. The basic rule is that you have one year from the date of your injury to submit a claim. However, there are many exceptions to that basic rule. For instance, if you report your injury and your employer ignores your report and doesn’t send you to a doctor or fill out a claim form, the one-year rule may not apply. Another exception is if you have a cumulative trauma injury. The one-year rule can be extended. If you were injured at work, never assume it is too late to file a claim.

Will I Be Able To Choose My Own Physician For My Work-Related Injury?

You can choose your own physician for your work-related injury. One way is to designate a doctor to be your treating physician prior to having a work injury. You’re then allowed to treat with that doctor. You are also entitled to treat with any doctor in the insurance company’s medical network. You don’t have to go to the doctor or clinic that you’re sent to at the beginning of your injury.

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